SAFARI Half Marathon 25th Anniversary


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Training & Tips

For nutritional advice and tips on how to increase your Carbohydrate intake, click here.

General Training Guidelines

To achieve success and reach the goals your set for yourself, you have to follow a plan and not go about it haphazardly. In formulating this plan, there are a number of points to bear in mind. Those listed below are in no particular order.

Training Schedule

Make sure that there is enough build-up time to your goal event, incorporating the following:

  • build-up phase (as long as possible);
  • hard training that is no longer than 8 - 10 weeks; and
  • a short rest-up or taper period where distance is reduced.

Vary the training as much as possible to avoid staleness and boredom.


This is often the most overlooked area of training. Training stimulus needs a period of recovery to build on the gains made. Rest therefore forms part of the training regime.

For every kilometre raced, have a recovery period, e.g. 10 km - 1 week, 21.1 km - 3 weeks, 42.2 km - 6 weeks.

Nutrition/Water intake

Although we all know the basics of good nutrition, we often fail to follow a healthy eating plan. Eat three meals per day and give attention to your carbohydrate intake. Drink water before and especially after a work-out. Keep the drink handy and try to drink it within 30 minutes after the work-out.

Running gear

Check the wear on your shoes at least every two weeks. Serious athletes should have at least two pairs of shoes which are alternated. On wet or off-road days a third pair is a good idea. Clean the shoes regularly according to the manufacturer's guidelines.


During your training, make sure that you get 8 hours' sleep. Aim to be in bed by 10 pm. You'll be able to tell from your sleeping habits if you're training too much, with symptoms such as restlessness, inability to fall asleep, night sweats etc.


Above all, maintain a balance. Vary the work-outs, run different routes, train with someone slightly above your level every now and again - have fun!

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