SAFARI Half Marathon 25th Anniversary


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SAFARI Charity Drive

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We are proud to announce that Andrew Murray is the official charity for the 2018 Safari Half Marathon.

About Andrew Murray children`s home:

  • Consists of ten (10) separate-functioning home units with a maximum of 14 children from babies to teenage boys and girls
  • Is situated at the foot of Groenberg in the Wagenmakers valley with a view of the Boland mountains, sport stadiums and sports fields
  • Provides beautiful facilities and playgrounds
  • Is within walking distance of the historic Andrew Murray Church
  • Is situated comfortably near the main routes and within daily reach of all parents, families and holiday parents
  • Is near day hospitals, clinics and medical specialist services
  • Is very near the two oceans
  • Is surrounded by historic fruit and vegetable farms
  • Has the services of treatment services to provide in the numerous and varied needs of the 150 children
  • Is near all schools for educational purposes
  • Provides free professional study aid for scholars
  • Is dependent on motivated congregations and prayer groups in surrounding Boland towns for their involvement in several ways
  • Free professional care is provided: psychologists, social workers and other therapists
  • Provides nutritious meals and regular treats from a central kitchen and the laundry ensures clean clothes daily
  • Maintains a Huguenot tradition in this distinctive countryside atmosphere
  • Is where children pray to a loving Father for each family every morning during quiet time
  • Prepare our children for the future
  • Develops and implements mental and life skills programmes for our children
  • Networks daily and listed with all role players – SAPS Child Protection Unit, all social welfare offices, Department of Social Welfare (Prov. Admin. Western Cape) for total services to children and youth at risk
  • Develops and trains staff
  • Provides temporary safe-care for children
  • Strives to reunite children with biological parents or other compatible families as quickly as possible
  • Reaches out to Wellington and the surrounding communities through family preservation and family reunification programmes
  • Believes that through persistence in your prayers for every child, you will see joy in the lives of 150 children